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About the course

About the course

2 Days (4 Hours Each Day)

Bazi Reading For Talent Acquisition

Course Price

$397/pax with GST

Course Date

11 July 2020 at 6:00:00 am



Adrian Ang

- NLP Master Practitioner
- Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and Consultant
- He is an executive business coach whom assists leaders in optimizing their talents, skills, and values to enable them and their team’s success.
- He has coached department heads to become more effective individuals and optimize the “people side” of their business.

About the course


This interactive workshop will be hands-on, whereby you will learn to plot Bazi charts for yourself and your team. You will learn how to interpret from the Bazi chart. After which, you will be able to read a person’s metamodel, and apply for strategic use. Now, you can make an informed decision to confidently reshuffle, redeploy, or employ to maximize your team’s synergy.

Anyone can bluff their way while completing any personality profile tests (DISC, MBTI, Color Code, Love Language). You cannot determine whether your candidates had been truthful. On contrary, Bazi is the most neutral and authentic. It offers you the most convenient, yet economical way to gain truthful insights. It retains authenticity and accuracy without any human bias.

The Bazi system is reputed as the most authentic in the prediction of an individual's destiny. It has been a practice for thousands of years. Attributed to Scholar Li Xuzhong of the Tang Dynasty (A.D 618-907), it was practiced by Xu Ziping in the Song Dynasty (A.D 960-1279). This ancient Chinese Art was derived from the text of the I-Ching or the Book of Oracles that is used for fortune telling. It is based on the same principles of the 5 primordial elements for fortune telling.


- Learn how to plot and read a basic Bazi chart
- Understanding how to interpret basic Bazi and the meaning of each component (eg. Heaven Stem, Earthly Branch, 10-years Luck Cycle, Annual Luck Cycle)
- Basic understanding of the 5 elements - Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and how they interact with each other.
- Understanding the meaning of the DAY Master, and what it tells about the person’s character.


By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
- Able to read Basic Bazi chart
- Use the Bazi skill to hire or fire, redeploy, or reshuffle the employees for maximize synergy.


- Business owner that is looking to hire or fire, redeploy, or reshuffle.
- HR executives and consultants
- Team or Agency leaders



Real time teaching sharing, Scenario- Based Learning


Basic Workshop Resources
White board
PPT Slides
Exercise and activities

Term and conditions apply.

For more information, please contact Vivien Tan @ 8733 1093 or email

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