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About the course

About the course

3 Hours

7 Strategies To Grow Your Business During Crisis

Course Price


Course Date

8 July 2020 at 1:00:00 am



Jeffrey Quek

- SME Business Transformation Business Consultant

- The only Singaporean coach to be ranked in the Top 100 amongst the World’s 2000 renowned Business Coaches.

- More than 10 years experiences in handling Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) leaders in Singapore to overcome key challenges, and mentored them to achieve business breakthroughs, thereby pushing them to attain greater levels of success.

- He has coached more than 150 SMEs leaders from a wide array of industries.
(eg. design, creative agencies, education, real estate, financial advisory, retail, publishing, IT, medical, wellness, events management, engineering, components, semiconductor, metal fabrication, construction related industries and more)

About the course


This practical workshop will share insightful information on:
1. How your SME Business can adapt and pivot from the crisis
2. Simple, yet practical strategies for your Business survival and recovery
3. Business Model Innovation will transform your Business beyond just Digitalisation
4. Real life cases on how SMEs thrived with Business Transformation


1. Be informed about new opportunity trends
2. You can capture early shifts in demand!
3. Tips on how to redesign to transform your Business


Guide you to build a strong Business model so that you can
 reinvent to build sustainable business
 profit better than your competitors
 be constantly relevant to your customers
 attract and retain more customers
 attract and retain more talents to join your company


Current or aspiring business owners who want to build a robust, unique and profitable Business
- Solopreneurs, freelancers, start-ups
- SME Business Owners
- Senior Management


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
- Understand fundamentals of business survival during crisis
- Able to navigate out your way past recovery
- Understand how to leverage on opportunities created by the crisis
- Understand the systematic innovation process to reinvent your Business
- Understand how to add value to your brand, offers, SOPs, and Customer engagement


Case studies, Group Discussion, Scenario-Based Learning


1. Basic Workshop Resources:
2. Whiteboard
3. PPT Slides
4. Exercise and activities
5. Video

*Term and conditions apply.

For more information, please contact Vivien Tan @ +65 8733 1093 or email

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