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About the course

About the course

4 Hours

7 Proven Steps To Uncover Your Life Mission

Course Price

$150/pax with GST

Course Date



Adrian Ang

- NLP Master Practitioner
- Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and Consultant
- He is an executive business coach whom assists leaders in optimizing their talents, skills, and values to enable them and their team’s success.
- He has coached department heads to become more effective individuals and optimize the “people side” of their business.

About the course


Alignment of your new identity and thereby understand how you perceive your own identity, will impact your action toward the new normal. In this 4-hour course, will help you discover and map out your greater life purpose based on a 7-steps process, formulated using a Neuro Linguistic Process (NLP) called the (NLA) Neurological Levels Alignment.

This process will help you to :
1. discover and gain deeper understanding in a circumstance or situation
2. set you on the right path,
3. gain confidence with affirmation to give you the extra drive forward,
4. jump-start your momentum to move forward with your plan.


- Walking through physically 7 spatial anchor spaces, or guided through the mind by seating down.
Meta position – Environment – Behavior – Capability – Beliefs & Values- Identity – Greater Whole.

- A guided session with the coach to discover your life purpose.
- No frills, action taking course to drive towards your outcome.
- Trainees must prepare their NLA work sheet before joining the class.
- Worksheet with instructions will be emailed to all trainees at least 3 days before the class


By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
- Confidently take action toward their new normal. It may not give you a full resolution to your issue, but it will definitely help your clear a path to usher you there.


- Individuals, business owners that is searching for an affirmation on what they plan to do is on the right track.
- Individuals, business owner that is looking for congruence in themselves and the things they plan to do.
- Individuals, business owner that is in the journey of searching for a life purpose.



Sharing, Demonstration, Trainees putting it into action


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Term and conditions apply.
For more information, please contact Vivien Tan @ 8733 1093 or email

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