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Bilingual Emcee | Event Producer | NLP Trainer | Guinness World Record Holder


Adrian, a highly sought after Bilingual Master of Ceremony.


He is armed with years of experience, as an emcee, professional creative event director, and a stage producer. Regardless of the event type, with Adrian around, you know that you can have a peace of mind.


He possesses a combination of energy, wit, a sense of humor, sensitivity to the audience and he is easy going by nature, Adrian has brought success to numerous shows of various size and natures, locally and across Asia.


His ability to communicate and reach out to his audiences from Prime Ministers, to foreign delegates,  corporate C-Suites, PMEBs,  white and blue-collared workers, HDB heart landers, kids and to their parents.  A personality your audience will be comfortable with., especially well liked by audiences in the Asian region.


In a nutshell,  Adrian Ang is well liked by nature.



NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer  |  Bilingual Master of Ceremony   |    Events Creative Director & Producer   |   Lasalle SIA College of the Arts   |    RMIT Fine Arts    |    Worldwide Institutes of NLP    |  Aventis Learning Group    |   CBS Centre for Behavioral Science Guinness World Record Holder


That's Innovative Pte Ltd   |    B'happy social enterprise   |   R.A.C.E Pte Ltd

 Atlantis Entertainment   |   Unconscious Fitness Pte Ltd

I am a selfish person. I want you to say Hi to me when I am on the streets. I want to be able to improve as many lives as possible through mind sharing, providing fun and happiness using the resources that I've got.





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